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What does an interior designer do?

Interior designers make commercial or residential interior spaces beautiful, safe and functional. Just by altering interior requirements and selecting decorative objects such as materials, lighting, and colors. Usually, they read blueprints perfectly and recognize the gaps which they have to use by following universal standards.

Why should I Hire an Interior Designer?

Interior designer will often save your money and time. Along with that, they will also increase your home value.

How long will your interior design project take?

The interior design project will always depend on the project requirements. In some cases, it will be completed in 15 days and in some case, it might take 6 months. This is purely based on requirements. From inspection to completion there will be lots of stages involved in this interior design process.

What is a Modular Kitchen?

Modular kitchen is a term for the modern kitchen layouts which includes the modules fo cabinets made of permutating material which holds accessories inside, which can accelerate the effective usage of the spaces in the kitchen.

What are the different types of Modular Kitchen Design Models?
  • Straight or One wall modular kitchen.
  • U shaped modular kitchen.
  • L shaped modular kitchen.
  • Parallel modular kitchen.
  • Island modular kitchen.
  • G-shaped modular kitchen.
How much does a modular kitchen cost?

The cost of a basic modular kitchen usually starts from Rs.1 Lakh and it will cost upwards based on the factors that room size, cabinet material, and quality, countertops, and accessories.

How much does it cost to remodel your house?

It will depend upon your home size ie., SFT and each room specifications, planning and ideas, quality of the materials.

How much does a false ceiling cost?

The cost of installing a false ceiling starts from Rs. 120 to Rs.125 per square feet. Exact replacement rates will depend upon the type of material and model you install.

Is 75services provide plumbing and electrical works?

We are expert in all your plumbing, bathroom renovation, electrical and wiring works.

Is false ceiling safe?

Yes, a false ceiling is safe when we use only suggested by the certified contractor. 75services is a certified contractor for all your interior needs.

What are the types of false ceiling?
  • POP Ceiling.
  • Gypsum Ceiling.
  • Wooden Ceiling.
  • Fiber Ceiling.
  • Metal Ceiling.
  • Glass Ceiling.
  • Cloth Ceiling or Synthetic Leather.
Why Choose 75 Services?

75 services have maintained their quality services and workmanship from the decay. Also, we are a family-owned company and operated throughout Visakhapatnam.

Is housekeeping services Safe in Vizag?

Yes, Housekeeping is safe when we choosing certified and highly rated company. 75services provides the best housekeeping services from the decay.

Why we need reliable flooring Contractors?

75services provides topnotch flooring services from the decay, provides all kind of flooring options with long-lasting.

Where I can get the best quality custom made wardrobes Services in Vizag?

75services is the expert in providing custom wardrobe services in Vizag.

Is Choosing 75 Services The Right Choice?

Yes, 75services is the certified interior design company in Visakhapatnam. This the company family-owned and operated since 2006 and provide services for all your home remodel needs.

What are the payment options?

We are accepting cash, cheques and all kind of debit and credit cards.

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