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General Construction/Repair Services In Visakhapatnam

We are a commercial/residential maintenance and repair company servicing retail stores, commercial facilities as well as restaurants, homes, apartments, and much more. Our technicians are on-call and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure prompt response to your maintenance or repair needs.

If you wish to transform your home and give it a more contemporary and modern appearance or if you wish to make it more energy efficient and comfortable to live in during all seasons then it would be a good idea to do some repair works and insulate it.

We provide a comprehensive array of on-site facility maintenance and handyman services. Our expert craftsmen have various skill levels which enables them to be technically proficient to deliver the results you desire.


We believe in preparation and prevention with regards to maintenance. We are staffed with a fully licensed professionals that are experienced to fix any home or commercial projects.

We get to know our customers. We add value by providing them with a positive experience where service is everything.

Commercial business owners are often faced with repair and maintenance issues on their buildings. Whether it is an emergency repair or an on-going maintenance issue, 75 Services works closely with customers to provide repair services and maintenance solutions for commercial properties in a timely manner.

Repair Service You Can Trust

The technicians at 75 Services are as respectful and courteous as they are skilled. When we visit the workplace, we work quickly and quietly, always taking care to maintain clean, safe workspaces.

In every service we provide, your satisfaction is always our number one priority and we’re never finished until you are 100 percent happy with our work.

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