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Top 10 Kitchen Design Trends for 2020

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Kitchen as it is, is the main part of any house, there we find unite, get nurtured and nourished. We all are aware of the fact that the kitchens today are at the onset of total renovation and modern touch up.

We can’t just compare any other room of our abode to the kitchen because of the importance it holds. Modern kitchen design trends include open space with trendy design, cabinets, better storage space, spacious kitchen islands, vibrant colors all in amazing layouts and designs.

Of course, no one likes anything gaudy in their homes, let alone the kitchen. A simple fact behind this is what goes inside comes outside. You cannot expect to put anger, frustration in while cooking and expect a healthful meal. Therefore, the world in 2019 – 2020 has accepted and realized the importance of a clean, green, open and healthy place like the kitchen.

Moreover, the kitchens are now a crucial part of every family where they can meet up and connect with one another. With a lack of time, families are moving towards more open space where they can connect on a better level. This has only added to the importance of kitchen remodeling.

Let’s look up to the list

Top 10 Kitchen Design Trends Of 2019 – 2020

1. Domination colors in the Kitchen Cabinets:

Kitchen cabinet is the space which can be used for both utility & purposes as well as for decoration purposes.

Wondering, what is in trend in this area? Okay, so let me break the news, it is the darker colors that are in trend for the cabinetry. So, the white and the lighter colors are out of the hotlist and here comes the bold and beautiful black again to shine on the list. My personal favorite, this color gives a royal and aesthetic look to the kitchen.

domination colors in the kitchen cabinets

The dominating dark colors in the list are black, emerald green, navy and plum. Moreover, there are many kitchen design layouts in some kitchen design gallery and kitchen design catalog to help you choose the best for yourself.

2. Kitchen Island the Show Stopper:

A central kitchen island never goes out of fashion or demand. Kitchen islands are more like the focal point of the kitchen; you need to plan your kitchen island nicely as it defines your style.

Kitchen islands become more popular because of lesser cabinet space. Therefore, the kitchen islands need to be large in size and dimension so as to accommodate various kitchen appliances and kitchen cabinets. This area can also be used for casual dining by adding seating-serving to it.

Kitchen Island the Show Stopper

At last, Kitchen Island can be a real shop stopper of the kitchen. You just need to choose a unique design, select beautiful colors and textures, place it in the middle and you should be good to go.

3. Modular Kitchen is in:

Modular kitchen helps in saving the time, energy and space in the times when all of it already limited. The designing of the modular kitchens are such that that the furniture, fittings, and appliances are placed in the correct order and manner which helps you save the space in your kitchen.

Modular Kitchen

Moreover, you may get creative with the ideas of a modular kitchen i.e. how to fit the different shape and sizes.

This is one of the basic kitchen trends for modular kitchens, which never fades, as it has whole lots of benefits. From looking sleek, elegant and trendy to be easily manageable, time-saving and durable, it has lots and lots of benefits. So, how could we let it go out of fashion?

4. Quartz or Granite for Countertops:

The most trending and popular material used in countertop are quartz and granite. Both have their own set of fans. Both these belong to the noble category, are extremely hard and easy to maintain, and looks clean and beautiful. However, fans for quartz are still higher than that of granite, given the added benefits in terms of toughness, ease of use, looks, and variety.

Quartz or Granite Countertops

For a long time, the stainless steel and farmhouse sinks have been really trendy and popular. But now composite sinks are gaining popularity. However, it is going to be a tough battle between the two, but the ease of cleaning and maintaining the composite sinks is giving it an edge over the other types.

5. Trendy Storage Ideas:

We all are short of space, be it kitchen or homes. At the same time, we have lots of stuff to be stored. This leads to the storage problems and that leads to some nice and trendy storage ideas.

Clever storage ideas are trending which could hide all the clutter, make space look crisp, clean and large. Storage space should be large enough to cover all the clutter at the same time concealed in the way that no one other than you could find your stuff.

Kitchen Storage System

One more important thing is budget. Your plan should be built around the budget big or small and also the space in the house, or space you want to allot to the kitchen area.

6. Simple Kitchen Designs:

Your abode should be a space where you can forget all your worries and tensions. And that’s what this trend is all about.

People are moving towards simpler designs such as to reduce their stress and worries and provide the best nourishment to family.

No gaudy designs or loud colors but clean, simple textures and designs for the countertops, backsplash, etc.

Simple kitchen designs

Homeowners are moving towards natural and good light leaving behind the unnatural and brighter ones.

7. Flooring:

Homeowners aren’t over the hardwood flooring till yet. It is in trend for years. However, with the proper use of the latest technology, now even the ceramic tiles could mimic the look of the hardwood ones.

Kitchen with wood look tile

Now, there are tiles which could copy the original single hardwood plank, can you imagine that?

8. Backsplash:

Okay, this area cannot be ignored at all. There is nothing constant with the backsplash, but one thing that is trendier nowadays is larger tiles and that too covering the walls up to the false ceiling.

You can get really creative with this area because the number of options open to choose from is large. From the poppy colors to the slab material, you can select anything you want.

kitchen with backsplash

However, you should go with the colors and textures used in the other parts of the kitchen or the ones contrasting.

9. Appliances:

Latest and trendy appliances are a part of the modern kitchen. In fact, one cannot function without the use of these appliances installed in their kitchens.

Kitchen with appliances installed

Latest and best in class appliances can never go out of fashion. Moreover, with ever-changing technology newer and better electronic appliances have reached the market and we cannot keep calm about this.

10. Connectivity with Outdoors:

Yes, you read that right; the kitchen is connected to the rest of the house or the patio or outdoor area through glass doors. It helps in better connectivity plus you can enjoy the outside views or go to the patio directly from the kitchen.

Kitchen Connectivity with Outdoors

At last, I would like to wish you all the best for the remodeling of your dream kitchen. I am hoping this blog to be useful for you.